REFT Core Staff

Along with the core staff listed below, REFT collaborates with other professionals and organizations, and subcontracts, as necessary.

Executive Director

Dora G. Lodwick, Ph.D., has taught and practiced social research methods and evaluation for 35 years. She has worked with many racial and ethnic community groups and with international persons from varied socioeconomic backgrounds to develop and conduct demographic analyses as well as culturally sensitive research in the principle areas of health, education, and the environment. She was raised in Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

Dr. Lodwick has facilitated public and community meetings and groups for thirty years. These have included policy development meetings, conferences, cross-cultural program development sessions, cross-cultural discussions among youth and adults, and racial/ethnic action-oriented planning. She has also facilitated staff and management discussions as well as university professors’ and graduate students’ planning teams.

In addition, facilitation skills are important in her seminars, workshops and committees. She has facilitated work among Board of Director members as well as numerous national, regional, and local decision-making groups with many different organizations. Focus group facilitation has long been part of her work.

Dr. Lodwick has been in the classroom for more than 30 years. Having trained a wide variety of national and international professionals, the elderly, community leaders from multiple racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds as well as graduate, college and high school students, she moves smoothly through curricula, allowing ample time for questions and adapting to audience needs as she goes. She adapts her teaching techniques to suit diverse cultural learning styles.

Similarly, Dr. Lodwick has decades of experience doing program evaluations. For 15 years, she has designed and managed a variety of assessment projects. In the past 10 years, for example, she has done a lot of work in the healthcare field, conducting needs assessments, process evaluations, organizational capacity building assessments, continuum of care evaluations, and outcomes assessments. In addition to work done with REFT, she has conducted program evaluations for the US Department of Energy, the Nevada Waste Project Office, the Colorado Governor’s Office Site Certification, the Organization of American States, and the Ohio Network on Aging.

Project Managers

Alexandra Mitchell, M.P.A. has a master’s degree in Public Affairs, a graduate degree in Teaching English as a Second Language, and secondary school teaching credentials in History and Social Science. Her professional background includes social research and program evaluation, cross-cultural consulting, K-12 and university-level instruction and administration, training and technical assistance, facilitation, and program management. Through both professional and personal experiences, Ms. Mitchell has gained in-depth knowledge and understanding of cultures and peoples from many corners of the earth. She is fluent in Swedish and German, and has studied Spanish and French.

Over the past 20 years Ms. Mitchell has worked with universities, foundations, and public agencies to conduct research and evaluate their programs. She has participated in a variety of projects, particularly in the fields of education, crime and violence prevention, youth and family services, collaborative leadership development, immigration, aging, oral and mental health. The scope of her work has ranged from small-scale, locally focused efforts, to multi-state and multi-agency projects. 

Ms. Mitchell has also worked as a teacher, trainer, and facilitator. She has substantial experience training volunteers, teachers, interviewers, and service agency personnel, for example; and has conducted workshops and conference sessions in areas such as logic modeling, applied sociology with immigrant populations, cooperative learning, distance learning, and teaching English as a second language. 

In addition, she has taught in inner-city middle and high schools, at a private university, and has directed K-12 programs for disadvantaged youth. While teaching or training, Ms. Mitchell focuses on multiple learning styles and experiential education. In facilitation capacities, Ms. Mitchell has worked with multi-cultural families, consultants, university and school district personnel, law enforcement, government agencies, and community-based organizations.

Prior to working with REFT, Ms. Mitchell coordinated a community service pilot project that won the California Golden Bell Award and was named one of the “Thousand Points of Light.” Later, Ms. Mitchell directed a youth program that was recognized by the Colorado Coalition of Community Policing and the State Department of Justice as an outstanding youth crime and violence prevention program. Recently, Ms. Mitchell co-authored several publications with REFT on immigration, mental health, and victim assistance; and co-authored a complex environmental negotiations exercise for Harvard University.

Michael Crone, M.A., holds a master’s degree in mathematics and specializes in statistical analysis and mathematical modeling.  His background also includes non-profit management and teaching. He is fluent in French.

Beyond descriptive statistics, such as frequency distributions, measures of central tendency, and measures of dispersion, Mr. Crone also draws from a plethora of inferential statistical methods. Mr. Crone has 10 years of experience in hypothesis testing, including parametric and nonparametric tests, and maximum likelihood methods.

In practice, this means he can analyze many kinds of data for differences between groups. Depending upon the project, he has compared racial/ethnic groups, socio-economic levels, genetic structures, and age groups, for examples.

He has also developed and analyzed databases in Access, Excel, and SPSS. Having worked with inherited databases as well as created new ones based on client vision, Mr. Crone tailors his database construction and analysis to each project and each client’s needs.

Mr. Crone also provides technical assistance in data collection, management, and transfer, so that clients can understand the data required to achieve the results they seek. He is also comfortable working with self-reported data, accompanied by data quality assessment inquiries, and conducting the statistical tests. His attention to detail and dedication to accurate depictions of data make him an excellent statistician.

Having been a non-profit manager in his career, Michael Crone brings “in the trenches” experience to program evaluations he is involved in. He has experience founding a non-profit, and so was involved in establishing its bylaws, organizational structure, and marketing efforts.

He has also worked in the administration of non-profit, private schools. Among other responsibilities, Mr. Crone created a five-year financial projection as a foundation for a building one school wished to purchase. This task entailed decisions about and comparisons of multiple variables, including current financial statements, staff payment schedules, student fee payment schedules, inflation, budget, and more.

Over the past 13 years, Mr. Crone has facilitated classroom discussions, hands-on learning, and cross-cultural group discussions of research findings. He has conducted computer labs to train individuals to use analytical software, taught college mathematics courses, as well as mathematics and French to elementary and high school students.

He is committed to participant-driven learning, whether in professional training situations or in the classroom. His sincere interest in teaching others makes him an outstanding trainer.

Administrative Support

Kathy Moore has provided willing support in all logistical and administrative matters since REFT's inception.